The first International Bio-Logging Science Symposium was held in Tokyo in March 2003. The 2003 Symposium coined the term ‘Bio-Logging’ and spurred international collaborations among scientists working mainly on marine animals. Nearly 20 years have passed since then, and six BLS Symposia have been held across the globe (St. Andrews, Pacific Grove, Hobart, Strasbourg, Konstanz, and Honolulu).

‘Bio-Logging Science’ has now flourished across diverse research fields, not only in marine but also in terrestrial research fields. The recent corona-virus pandemic has compromised our research activities in the remote field sites, but it has also inspired the development of enhanced community-wide collaborations such as COVID-19 Bio-Logging Initiatives. It is timely to hold the 8th BLS Symposium in Tokyo again, to reflect on our achievements during the last 20 years and to look ahead to the future of Bio-Logging Science!

Practices of BLS8 to support sustainable events in Tokyo

BLS8 is fully aware of the importance of making our meeting as much sustainable as possible. We are actively engaging in the following practices to support sustainable events in Tokyo.

  • Reduce paper waste 
  • Reduce plastic bottle use
  • Use eco-friendly materials
  • Support younger generations to raise awareness of sustainability
  • Emphasize the importance of biodiversity and its conservation