Dear BLS8 participants,

We are pleased to announce that the special issue of BLS8 will be published in the two major online journals in the area - Animal Biotelemetry and Movement Ecology. The publisher (Springer Nature) and Editors-in-chief of both journals agree to provide 50% discounts on the publication fees for a total of 16 articles submitted to the special issue. We welcome submission of your work presented at BLS8. Please see below for submission instructions.

Submission instructions for inclusion in BLS8 Special Issue:

Before submitting a manuscript for consideration for the BLS8 Special Issue jointly hosted by the Springer/Nature journals Animal Biotelemetry and Movement Ecology, please indicate your intent to submit in an email to, as follows:


Send to:
Subject: BLS8 Special Issue notice of intent to submit
Email text:
Please provide the following information:
Journal you would like to submit to (Movement Ecology or Animal Biotelemetry)
Article type (e.g. Research, Methodology, etc. - as appropriate for the specific journal)
All authors

Please include a statement that this manuscript will be based on a poster or oral presentation at BLS8, by the same title and the same authors as the presentation.
If the authors, title or content differ from the BLS8 presentation please explain why they differ.

Please indicate whether you will request a 50% discount on the publication fees (APC) - note that fees for some organizations may be covered by memberships in Springer/Nature or BMC.


This email will then be evaluated by the Guest Editors for the Special Issue (they will consider the appropriateness of journal and article type, and whether the manuscript is based on a conference presentation). If appropriate, you will receive an invitation to submit your manuscript through the regular submission portal. The manuscript will then have to be submitted by December 31st, 2024, to be considered for inclusion in the special issue and a possible 50% APC discount.

If you have any questions about this process, please email to
We look forward to receiving your emails!

The BLS8 Conference Team and the Guest Editors for the Special Issue.