Abstract submission

An abstract must be kept within a limit of 300 words. A researcher can submit only one abstract as the presenting author, and the presenting author needs to submit the abstract.

Upon abstract submission, please indicate the preferred presentation type for your abstract. BLS8 will be held as a hybrid-style symposium. Three presentation types are available: Oral presentation (12 min + 2 min for Q&A, 1 min for presenter exchange), Poster in-person, and Poster online-only. All oral presentations should be made in-person at the main conference hall. All oral and poster presentations will be viewable by registered participants after the symposium for a few months.

Abstract submission has been closed
(Deadline: 31st August 2023)


The final decision on presentation type will be made by the Program Committee through peer review, as detailed below.

The final decision on presentation type has been announced via e-mail
( 23rd October 2023)

The peer review process

Every submitted abstract will be reviewed and scored by at least two independent reviewers with bio-logging expertise. The review process will be conducted anonymously, meaning that the names of the authors will be removed before the abstracts are evaluated.

Reviewers use three criteria to rank the abstract submissions:

Originality (rated from 1 to 5)

Abstracts presenting significant new findings or innovative approaches will receive higher scores than those describing updates, modifications to previous results, or routine applications of well-known research methods. This criterion focuses on the importance of the research in advancing the field of bio-logging, its uniqueness, and how it could impact future research.

Scientific quality (rated from 1 to 5)

Abstracts should demonstrate the use of robust and appropriate research methods, along with a well-designed and ethically appropriate study. The research results should provide clear answers to the main research questions. The methods and results should be described in enough detail, and the conclusions should be supported by the data. Presentations describing research on new and innovative hardware and software are welcome, as long as they clearly explain why such a device is needed or useful for bio-logging, and include measurable results.

Presentation/Writing (rated from 1 to 5)

Abstracts that are clearly written and concise will receive higher scores. This criterion focuses on how well the research question(s), objectives, methods used, primary results, and other important details are explained rather than judging the quality of the study itself. A well-written abstract follows a logical order, such as stating the aims, describing the methods, presenting the results, and providing a clear interpretation of the results, along with any implications for animal conservation.

Once the reviews from the reviewers are collected, the abstracts will be ranked by their average scores with range from 3 to 15. The review scores will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone, including the authors. These rankings will help decide which abstracts will be chosen for oral, poster in-person, or poster online-only presentation, considering the author’s preferred presentation style. The final selection will aim to create a scientific program for BLS8 that represents the diverse and global community of bio-logging researchers.